AYCO ::: TRACKS 2001-2013

Avé Marihuana


Letter In A Hut


Show Yourself

You're So Eerie

Lazy Summer Sunday


Deep & Dreamless

Honey, Them Drones 're Hatchin'

Seven Seconds After Life

Moron Physics

Tokyo Sex

Close Proximity Experience

Still Life With Base Drum

Angela Silencia

Never Surrender

All That Matters

Voodoo Ritual


Cry For The Moon

Brain No. 17


Indian Valley Road

21st Century Riding Hood

While It Lasts

Scenic Drive

Run Baby Run!

Say The Word

Popping Bubbles

Yeah, Well ...

Fear Fly Season

Structured Body Language

Strange Places

Columbine High

Gone Bonkers

This site contains a series of tracks written by Ayco between 2001 and 2015. They appear in random order, but come from four albums: Structured Body Language, Backwater, North Of The Soul and Boy Machine. For questions, remarks or bookings, drop me a line at ayco@ayco.info. Or follow me on SoundCloud.

Want to link to a specific track in your own web pages? Select the track (by tapping on it) and then tap the blue bar to get the URL for the track. To link to the hi-fi version of the track, add "&hifi" to the URL, for example http://ayco.info/?track=18&hifi (requires fast internet connection).